Webking Solutions TM is a G Suite Integrator, which provides FREE integration service of G Suite. You need not to take headache to integrate/register your domain with G Suite, our experts will integrate for you. Webking SolutionsTM will accept all google terms on behalf of you.

Steps of Integration

  1. Step 1: We will ask for authentication details of your domain/hosting. If the client does not have a domain then client have to purchase the domain from us or other provider.
  2. Step 2: We will integrate/register your domain with a G Suite by accepting all terms of google on behalf of you.
  3. Step 3: We will create email account(s) as per your requirement. Now your domain is ready for G Suite.

Integration Service links your domain with G Suite. When your domain gets integrated with G suite, you can manage all services and users. It links to the different google apps provided in G Suite.

Apps in G Suite