The G Suite Admin Console is an administration tool provided by Google for G Suite administrators. It permits to manage up all their G Suite services from one dashboard. With the G Suite Admin Console, administrator can manage settings for G Suite services, monitor the use of their spaces, create user accounts, and many more.

After you login to, you can get to access the G Suite Admin Console dashboard. In admin console dashboard, you will find controls which will help you in performing administrative functions that you need to perform. Some of these controls might be covered up in beginning, but you can undoubtedly access them from the More Controls button that is situated at the end of the dashboard page. You can without much of a stretch add these additional controls to the fundamental region of your dashboard and organize them anyway you need.

G Suite Admin Console- Common Controls

  • User: This control helps you to add or remove user. It also helps you to manage which G Suite services and apps can be accessed by individual user.
  • Reports: This helps you to observe security risk and track user activites.
  • Data Migration: This sections helps you to migrate mails from different server to G Suite server.
  • Apps: Allows you to pick and configure apps for your domain like Gmail, calendar, Drive.