G Suite provides facility of working with easy realtime group work.G suite allows you to create, share edit docs, sheets, slides in real time.

How G suite helps in Easy Realtime Group Work?

  • When Business team need to work on same document/spreadsheet/presentation in tradition way other team members have to wait for one team member to complete his work on the document and then other can proceed. But G Suite provides Docs/Sheets/Slide tools where all team member can create or edit the document at same time and updates the file of all other team members at the time change is done.
  • Sharing of Files, G Suite allows you to share your files with others with different sharing options. If you want to members to only view file then you can share the file with restriction of only view file.
  • What if any member do mistake in document? G Suite tools of Docs/Sheets/Slides stores the all the history of the files. Each and every change made can be changed back.
  • Realtime chat and comments, G Suite also provides the facility of Chatting in document. The members to whom the file is shared can chat and discuss in the document chat option. They can also add the comments for other members or for future reference
  • Real time video conferencing, G Suite offers hangout facility where you can organize your video conference with your team members. You can add up to 15 members in video conference.