Gmail is the simplest email service provided by Google. With, you never need to discard messages. Also, with an effective inherent Google web crawler, you no longer need to set up organizers, record your mail, or recollect where you put away your messages. Simply hunt down what you need. You'll not just discover the message you have as a top priority, however the various messages that are a piece of a similar discussion - organized in sequential request so you can undoubtedly place everything in setting.


  • Undo Send: Gmail provides Undo send feature, by enabling it from Gmail lab after sending your mail you have few minutes for undo send.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: We all love keyboard shortcuts. Gmail provide various Keyboard shortcuts for us.You can also customize Keyboard shortcuts according to you.
  • Auto reply if out of office or on vacation: Sometimes it happens that we are not able to check our mails when we are out of office or on vacations. Gmail provides us with option of auto reply through which we can let people know that at present we are available.
  • Message Filter:We can filter our mails in Gmail in different ways. For example you can filter mails coming from specific email address so you do not need to search in inbox for the mails sent by the specific person.
  • Canned Responses: If your lot of time is wasted typing repeated mail content. You can enable canned responses from Gmail lab. You can add you mail content in canned responses and you can send it when you need to send without typing it again and again.
  • Offline Gmail: Sometimes it happens that you don't have internet connectivity and you want to open your Gmail to check or use some information from mail. Gmail provides you with facility of offline Gmail which helps you to access your old mails without internet connectivity.