Webking SolutionsTM offer services of G Suite for Education. G Suite for Education is a free service which will make learning easy and helps teacher and student to share and learn together creative ideas. We provide G Suite for Education support.With G Suite help center where we help you set up your account and train you and your teachers for G Suite.

Why G Suite For Education?

  • For Educators: G Suite permit educators to make homework assignments, study gudies, tests, and more without printing off copies. Educators can oversee evaluations and alter understudies' work continuously for quicker review pivot.
  • For Student: G Suite gives powerful tool to student to to make progress. Students can take notes, collaborate on group projects or write eassy no matter the location with google Drive.
  • Easy Collaboration: G Suite provide application such as sheets, docs, slides for students to make group or individual project. They can work together without waiting for other group member to complete his work.
  • FREE for Education: Education is all about providing students best tools and resources for succeeding. G Suite for Education is completely free with 24x7 support

Process For G Suite For Education

  • Step 1: Client need to provide required existing mails authentication details to our expert team.
  • Step 2: Client need to send scanned copy of certified documents of the institute for verifcation from google.
  • Step 3: After verifaction of documents, google will allow your domain for G Suite for education. We will integrate your domain with G Suite for Education.
  • Step 4: We will handover all the authentication details to client.