G suite is providing three types of G suite supports for their users. Which means you can use any one of them for solving your issues regarding G suite.

  • Community: For Getting help using Community you need to check G suite Products Forums for getting help from G suite experts and from G suite Admins.

    In Community you can search your issues,reading posts, asking questions, helping others, and by choosing and sharing the best answers to your questions. Also you see the others options and see that for your references.

  • Social: In social you can see the social pages for your reference and also you can see that pages for solving your issues. You can also check the Google+ and Twitter feeds for the recent news regarding G suite and G suite services.
  • Help Center: You can find answer of your questions simply by going on G suite help center. In G suite help center there are so many questions and answers you can find to solve your issues. Also you can contact the help center for any query regarding the G suite.