If you are using G suite service for business then G suite gives you facility to store your videos in your Google Drive. You just need to upload your video by using NEW->File Upload. Also you can upload your video by simply dragging or dropping your video file in Google Drive.

With Google Drive you can also share your video with anyone. I mean to your contacts or any other persons. You just need to create the shareable link of that video and set privacy to private to public. Also you can set restriction of that link like you can share that video to your contacts only.

Here are some benefits of uploading video on Google Drive :

1.Allow review a video before uploading on Youtube

In youtube you can just post or upload video. You can’t edit or replace that video after uploaded. If you can share with other before uploading on youtube then users can give you some reviews related to your video and if some changes occurred then you can do it and then upload your video on youtube.

2.Sharing video

You can use this facility for sharing your video with your colleagues and also with your batchmates for demo purpose of the product. You can also create demo video of your product like android app demo, website demo and many more. You can also share your product video with your customers for showing them products and also you can share it for marketing purpose.

3.Record video and upload it on Google Drive

You can record video in your phones, tablets or any other electronic device and you can upload that recorded video with meaningful name and you can store or upload that video on Google Drive. You can also upload video on Google drive for storage purpose.

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